Photo of food stored at Newbury food pantry

Get Food

We serve the communities of Newbury, Newburyport, Rowley, Byfield, West Newbury, Salisbury, Ipswich, and Georgetown every Friday

We welcome all neighbors in need. No registration or identification is required.

When ordering groceries, we ask that you confirm you need food or are eligible to receive USDA-supplied food. Please call 978-358-1077 for questions.

Order Weekly all day Wednesday thru Thursday at 12:00 noon.

No Password is needed when ordering is open.
Please do not order more than you will use in one week.

The pantry is closed when Newburyport schools are closed due to weather.

We are excited to announce our new permanent home is complete and ready for business. The new building is located behind the First Parish Church, 20 High Road, Newbury.
The first day of our new operation will be Friday, May 13.

The only impact the move will have on you is where pick up your order. Beginning next week, Friday, May 13 you will come to 20 High Road, Newbury. Your pickup time will remain the same.

Two Ways to Order Groceries

The pantry is closed when Newburyport schools are closed due to weather.

  1. Fill out the online Newbury Food Pantry Order FormAfter you submit your order, scroll up to see the confirmation that your order has been submitted. If you don’t see it, the order has not gone through and problem areas will be identified so you can complete your order.

  2. Call 978-358-1077 and leave a message with your name and number. One of our volunteers will call you back and take your order over the phone.

Getting Your Groceries

Delivery Option

We provide delivery for those who do not have transportation or who are immune-compromised. Select the ‘Delivery Order’ option and choose the ‘Delivery Location”. Delivery locations are apartment complexes that we visit regularly. If you are not in one of these complexes, please select Other.


We will deliver groceries to your doorstep or your apartment lobby between 10 am and 1 pm on Fridays. 

Pickup Option

For pickup orders, select the ‘Pick-up’ option and do not select a 'Delivery Location’.

If you are a new guest, a volunteer will call you after you place your order to tell you what time you should arrive at the food pantry. Most regular guests have scheduled pickup times. If you need to change your pickup time, please call 978-358-1077 and leave a message with your name, number and reason for
your call.

Orders can be picked up at 20 High Road in Newbury, by appointment, between 2:45 and 4:45 pm. Parking is limited so please be on time but not early.


When you arrive, give the volunteer your name and wait in the car. For safety, place your car in park and turn off the engine while we retrieve and load your groceries into your car.

* The pantry is closed when Newburyport schools are closed due to weather.

Get Meals

Free Meals

Free meals are available in the Newburyport area Monday thru Sunday. Check our listing of Free Meals for times and locations.