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Get Involved

Our neighbors need our help to make the community food secure. You can help by volunteering, donating food, organizing a food drive or making a monetary donation. Learn more about each option below. For regular updates, subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on Facebook or Instagram.


Covid-19 Safety

​We strictly observe all Covid-19 safety protocols on site. Vaccinations are required. We encourage social distancing and frequent use of hand sanitizer.

We are a 100% volunteer organization and therefore rely on the time given by generous volunteers to make our operation run smoothly.  


Each week our work includes:

  • unloading deliveries and stocking shelves

  • calling guests weekly to take their order

  • organizing and printing orders 

  • filling and bagging orders

  • staging orders for delivery or pickup

  • loading cars at curbside 

  • making deliveries

  • restock pantries in local schools

  • visit schools and businesses to recover food 

  • inspect food donations before stocking on shelves 


To learn more about our process and how you can get involved during the week, check out our Week at the Pantry page.

If you are ready to volunteer, please call us at 978-358-1077 or email

Organize a Food Drive

Get involved by hosting a food drive.   You can collect donations at the Newbury Food Pantry or at another location. We can advise you on how to proceed. We encourage food drives focused on one type of item so that we have sufficient quantity to serve guests who order the item.


If this interests you, please leave a message at 978-358-1077, Our food drive coordinator will call you back.

Newburyport Lions Club Food Drive
Make a Donation

Donations help us to purchase food from the Greater Boston Food Bank and local stores when critical items like eggs or milk are not otherwise available. We have no paid staff and few operating expenses.

We also accept food donations every Thursday from 9:30 am -1 pm


Visit our Donate page for more information.

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